Monday, October 31, 2011

The United States of Samosa // Manjula's Kitchen

Once upon a time, a friend and I made the United States of Samosa. Meaning: we vastly overestimated how many pounds of potato filling to make, and we had no idea how to make those pretty, pyramid-like shapes with the dough. So we had samosas ranging from little Vermonts to pudgy Californias to an out-of-control Texas. The picture is nowhere to be found, but the memory of that five-hour samosa affair is still strong in my memory, even after years have passed.

Tonight, as I perused recipes for toor dal, I came across Manjula's Kitchen on YouTube, and I remembered that my friend and I had Manjula's video to thank for the one perfect samosa we made that night. Here she is:

One day, I will have the courage to attempt samosas again. One day. Not today. And not with five pounds of potatoes.