Friday, December 03, 2010

Fortune-Ate: Yogi Tea Edition

This edition of Fortune-Ate is a departure from the first and second ones I posted because I realized that fortune cookies are no longer the only food items that come with unsolicited wisdom/advice/absurdity. Yet another contribution of Asian Americana to mainstream culture!

Exhibit A:

The spicy ingredients in Yogi Cold Season tea intrigued me and I bought a box. When I went to brew the first cups for my friend and myself, we discovered that the little tags had messages on them.

This one was Allison's (who took these photos with her iPhone 4, which takes ridiculously high-res images):
This one was mine (please note the neat composition of these photographs-- the persimmons, limes, cherimoya, and torn packet):

Looks like I'll be expanding my "Fortune-Ate" series.