Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Snack Attack: Marcona Almonds

I was first introduced to these Spanish Marcona Almonds a last by a friend who included them in a gorgeous cheese platter. They are addictive, amazing, and expensive. I had to ration out the eight ounce, six-dollar package to avoid eating them all in a single sitting.

These came from Whole Foods toasted and lightly salted-- I usually try to avoid pre-salted nuts, but these were just irresistible. They were too good to even use for a recipe. I eat them one at a time, savoring the snappy crunch that other almonds do not have. These flat, nearly-unrecognizable-as-almonds almonds are worth the indulgence if you're able.

As I am currently gravely underemployed, I've not indulged yet this year though memories of my past Marcona almond experiences fill me with longing. Now that I've written this, though, it may not be long before I crack.